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    How to Get More Crowdsourcing Solutions: From the Perspective of Demand Descriptions

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众包服务商需求参与关键因素案例研究Crowdsourcing Service Provide Demand Participation Key Factor Case Study



The Premier of China, Li Keqiang, proposed to develop new business models, like crowdsourcing, actively in the executive meeting of the State Council in 2015. It made crowdsourcing become the hotspot among public. As a new business model which is based on internet technology, crowd-sourcing has promoted the whole progress of Sharing Economy ever since it came to China 10 years ago. This paper firstly reviewed existing literature about crowdsourcing and summarized their achievements and shortages. Then by using the case study method, we found four key factors that influence the participation of crowdsourcing: whether the title shows its purpose clearly, whether the application scenarios are clear, whether it has examples and whether the words are refined enough. Theoretically, this paper enriches the area of crowdsourcing participation study and the area of crowdsourcing demand description. Practically, this paper provides ways for contract-out party to gain more participation. 

左粟民, 王明明. 如何获得更多的众包方案:需求描述的视角[J]. 电子商务评论, 2017, 6(3): 61-70.


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