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王艳, 高敏. 论文化创意与旅游发展研究的必要性[J]. 无锡商业职业技术学院学报, 2012, 12(4): 34-37.


  • 标题: 我国文化创意旅游研究述评Review of Research on the Cultural Creative Tourism in China

    作者: 杨文华, 王欣, 胡莹

    关键字: 文化创意, 创意旅游, 文化创意旅游Cultural Creativity, Creative Tourism, Cultural Creative Tourism

    期刊名称: 《Service Science and Management》, Vol.5 No.3, 2016-05-30

    摘要: 文化创意产业具有很强的渗透力和辐射力,它与旅游业的融合,开创了旅游发展的新方向,并表现出强劲的发展势头。我国学者对文化创意产业研究的关注度较高,但研究起步较晚,范围较窄,主要集中于文化创意旅游的内涵、特征、发展模式、发展形态以及产业对策等方面,尚未形成完整的理论体系,与蓬勃发展的文化创意旅游产业现状不相适应。因此,对我国文化创意旅游的研究现状进行系统梳理十分必要,进而对我国文化创意旅游研究的新方向进行有益探索。 Cultural creative industry has strong nature of penetration and radiation, which combines with the tourism industry, creating a new direction for tourism, and showing good momentum of de-velopment. Chinese scholars have paid more attention to the studies of cultural creative industry, but the studies started late, with narrow scope. Most studies focused on the connotation, charac-teristics, mode of development, morphology, the development of countermeasures and other as-pects of the cultural creative tourism industry. So far, a complete theoretical system has not been formed, which is inconsistent with the vigorous development of cultural creative tourism industry. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out the status of cultural creative tourism research, and then ex-plore the new directions of studies of cultural creative tourism.