x?paperID=35649' target='_blank'>HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/MOM.2020.102008

European Option Pricing Based on Improved Heston Model

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应用数学进展 Vol.9 No.1, January 17 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/AAM.2020.91015

Research on Policy Finance and Commercial Finance Coordination Mechanism Based on Supply Chain Financing—Taking Science and Technology Small and Micro

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金融 Vol.9 No.6, November 22 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/FIN.2019.96074

不含相邻短圈的平面图的 (3, 1)*-可选性
(3, 1)*-Choosability of Planar Graphs without Adjacent Short Cycles

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应用数学进展 Vol.8 No.9, September 23 2019, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/AAM.2019.89184

A Case of Mitochondrial Encephalopathy Misdiagnosed as Acute Cerebral Infarction

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临床医学进展 Vol.9 No.8, August 27 2019, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/ACM.2019.98160

Research Progress of Phosphorus Removal and Resource Utilization of the Rural Domestic Sewage

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环境保护前沿 Vol.9 No.1, February 27 2019, PDF, DOI:10.12677/AEP.2019.91013

The Convergent in Continued β-Fraction

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应用数学进展 Vol.7 No.12, December 28 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/AAM.2018.712192

Inverse Problems of Boundary Flux in the Two-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Equation in a Rectangular Domain

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应用数学进展 Vol.7 No.10, October 31 2018, PDF, DOI:10.12677/AAM.2018.710158

Discussion on High Yield Cultivation Techniques of Ratoon Rice in Hengyang County and Development Countermeasures

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农业科学 Vol.8 No.9, September 6 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/HJAS.2018.89150

Research on Government Function Performing in Characteristic Town Construction

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现代管理 Vol.8 No.3, June 7 2018, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/MM.2018.83029

Ideational Grammatical Metaphor in Chinese and Rank-Shift

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现代语言学 Vol.3 No.3, August 21 2015, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/ML.2015.33016

Complications in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Interventional Observation and Nursing Care

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护理学 Vol.3 No.3, July 30 2014, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/NS.2014.33013

Free Indirect Speech in Mansfield Park and Bildungsroman

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世界文学研究 Vol.2 No.1, April 17 2014, PDF, , DOI:10.12677/WLS.2014.21001

Design of Speed Control System for PMSM Based on Three-Level Structure

吴 丰, 下载量: 1,208  浏览量: 2,618  

电气工程 Vol.5 No.1, March 24 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/JEE.2017.51004

An Improved Perturbation and Observation Used in Maximum Power Point Tracking Control of Photovoltaic Power System

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电气工程 Vol.5 No.1, March 16 2017, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/JEE.2017.51001

The Lelong Number of a φ-Positive Closed Current on Cn

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理论数学 Vol.6 No.2, March 17 2016, PDF, , XML DOI:10.12677/PM.2016.62015

Reform and Practice of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching in Electronic Information Science and Technology (Medical Information Orientation)

张文学, 马宜青, , , 董富江, 连世新, 张改茹 下载量: 220  浏览量: 446   科研立项经费支持

教育进展 Vol.10 No.2, February 5 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/AE.2020.102016

Research on Curriculum System Reform of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission for Engineering Education Specialty Certification

, 姜芙林, 发展, , 梁 鹏, 仲照琳 下载量: 148  浏览量: 295   科研立项经费支持

创新教育研究 Vol.8 No.2, April 27 2020, PDF, HTML, XML DOI:10.12677/CES.2020.82033

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