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    Study of Laser Hardening Used in Cylindrical Workpiece

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激光硬化回火现象可见光斑Laser Hardening; Lap Weld Tempering; Visible Spot



Laser hardening by means of diode laser is an innovative technique in industrial applications, but when the treated surface is larger than the laser spot, lap weld tempering, a well-known problem in laser hardening occurs. To avoid the lap weld tempering phenomenon, Visible Spot (VS) technique is investigated for cylindrical workpieces. In case of shaft parts, circular laser hardening is adopted by imposing a high rotational speed to the workpieces under the close loop control laser hardening system. A circular apparent spot is generated to heat the all the annular surface of the workpiece contemporaneously, as a consequence, lap weld tempering is avoided.

柳岸敏, 张翀昊. 激光硬化在轴类零件上的应用研究[J]. 材料科学, 2013, 3(2): 85-90.


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