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    Influence of Annealing Temperature on Conductivity of ITO Films

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孟庆哲,方允樟,马 云,李文忠,金林峰:浙江师范大学数理与信息工程学院

氧化铟锡(ITO)快速退火(RTA)电导率Indium Tin Oxide (ITO); Rapid Temperature Annealing (RTA); Conductivity


采用电子束蒸镀技术研究ITO薄膜的电导率与热处理(RTA)温度的关系。利用XRD分析薄膜的相结构,用SEM观测薄膜的显微结构,利用Hall测试仪测量薄膜的电学性能。结果表明,退火后ITO薄膜的结晶度得到明显改善晶相择优生长,晶粒尺寸变大,薄膜电导率随退火温度的上升先升高后下降。经过520退火15 min时,制备的薄膜样品电导率最大。

The relationship between conductivity of ITO films and heat treatment (RTA) temperature was researched by electron beam evaporation technology. The crystal structure and morphology were characterized by XRD and SEM measurements and electric properties were tested by Hall. The results indicated that the crystallinity of ITO film are obviously improved after annealing, crystalline phase chose preferential growth, the size of crystallite was bigger, the conductivity of film increased with the rise of annealing temperature at first, then decreased. The conductivity of film what had been annealed at 520˚C for 15 min was the biggest.

孟庆哲, 方允樟, 马云, 李文忠, 金林峰. 退火温度对ITO薄膜电导率的影响[J]. 材料科学, 2013, 3(1): 45-49.


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