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    Preparation of Three-Dimensional Porous Copper Oxide Nanoflakes and Its Non-Enzymatic Detection of Glucose

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邵长旭,陈守刚:中国海洋大学材料科学与工程研究院,山东 青岛

多孔氧化铜纳米片无酶传感葡萄糖Porous Copper Oxide Nanoflakes Non-Enzymatic Sensor Glucose



In this paper, three-dimensional porous copper oxide nanoflakes were successfully synthesized on the copper substrate without the use of organic reagents and stabilizers by the combination of liq-uid-solid reaction and high-temperature annealing. The three-dimensional porous structure of copper oxide has a large specific surface area, and the mesopores and micropores on the nanosheets are conducive to the transmission of electron. Using good biocompatibility, conductivity and film of chitosan are used to prepare chitosan copper oxide organic-inorganic composite electrode for nonenzymatic glucose electrochemical sensor. This electrode has the advantages of simple preparation, fast response and low detection line and the sensor is almost insensitive to common interference, such as dopamine, uric acid and ascorbic acid.

邵长旭, 陈守刚. 三维交错多孔氧化铜纳米片的制备及其对葡萄糖的无酶检测[J]. 材料科学, 2017, 7(3): 309-317.


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